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Our Product " Demo Program " has been Evolving over the last 10 years , to include the following State of the Art products :

Humanscale: Freedom /World
Ergocentric: Geocentric/Aircentric
Kinesis: Freestyle II Split
Goldtouch: V2 Adjustable
Evoluent: Essential Compact
Pointing Device  
Contour: Roller Mouse Red
  Perfits left or right handed
Kensington: Ambidextrous

Ergocentric ChairIntegrated Ergonomic's Demo program was established to allow our clients an opportunity to test most of our ergonomic products in their own work setting (chairs – specialty keyboards  - specialty pointing device etc). These products will be delivered and installed to your office with out any further obligation after the trial period has ended. A deposit may be required in certain circumstances.


Sit Stand Working Alternatives : People usually need help avoiding "excessive sitting times " ; good intentions are not enough. So why not incorporate devices into your routines that are designed to encourage you to either Sit or Stand , depending on how you feel . Products are available that are effective in reducing prolonged sitting , while you work .

Integrated Ergonomics sells a multitude of either " Electric" or "Add on" Sit Stand devices , that can either replace your current desk set up or adapt to your existing work place .

The Electric Desk is currently the most popular Sit Stand solution :

Sit/Stand Work Areas
Our goal is to create a healthier more comfortable and more productive work place for all computer users!
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